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Things to Consider When Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

Brand marketing is a sure-fire but time-consuming method to grow a business. A digital marketing agency can help ease that burden. By determining the best way to manage a business’s online marketing, a marketer can make or break a brand.

What to Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is a complex field. It encompasses everything from social media to SEM to formatting. When choosing the right firm for a business, it is important to focus on a company’s obvious requirements.

Just as every brand is different, so are the services offered by digital marketing agencies. Confirm what services are offered, which are available, and which have been ordered. Some common services include:

SEO – specially selecting and integrating keywords, implementing backlink knowledge, and research in frequency and quality logarithms to increase the rating by search engines such as Google.

Analytics – include KPI (key performance indicators) reports and data collation that measure the success of different platforms, leads, and content.

Web design – web layout is a skill, and preferred practices and engaging qualities can make a site stand out.

Social Media – includes any media from well-known platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to Instagram, Pinterest, and Periscope. Different channels attract different audiences. Different types of content – video, infographics, and blog posts can also be of importance.

Mobile marketing – a growing field with vast potential.

Email/Newsletters – good “nurturing” follow-up tools.

Integrated advertising – using several internet channels to foster one vision or company vision.

E-commerce design – creating mobile and website retail strategies.

Be leery of agencies that specialize in one branch but offer additional services on the side. Success comes from keeping on top of the evolving internet climate. Expertise in both website design and other digital aspects are critical for a growing business.

The Role of Teamwork Reflects in their Business Model

If a company has a dynamic team, that is a good sign. SEO, social media, and content generation often benefit from collaboration.  A successful campaign requires different perspectives. A staff that includes project managers and specially trained team members tends to produce the best results.

Their Trustworthiness

Embarking on a marketing project, like all business ventures, takes research and care. Doing proper research can save time and money in the long run. Checking a firm’s credentials is always good practice. Those with a positive track record are usually accredited and in good standing.

Common Sources for Background Checks Include:

Better Business Bureau the agency should be active with positive comments and few complaints.

Google ranking – Are they rated highly? Are there comments or reviews on their website? Does their site tell a believable story? Good ratings and a social media presence are evidence of expertise. A firm may not use Facebook or Twitter, but a LinkedIn presence is a must. 

Certifications – particularly those recognized by HubSpot and Google demonstrate knowledge of their field. With ongoing changes in internet platforms, learning should be a continuous process.

Do your homework and ask what technology the agency uses. New software emerges daily and can be costly. A firm that has and can use this software on a business’ behalf will be a company’s best bet.

Go with Your Instinct

In the end, a company should expect transparency, consistency, integrity and expertise at the very least. At most, they should come away feeling like their marketing team provided an online presence that represents the core of their company.

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