I wanted to take a few minutes and share why I feel so strongly about these resources and how I’ve used them to help grow our business and our clients.
One of the most fundamental things about SEO and link building in general (especially when starting on a fresh domain i.e. not an aged domain) is to leverage the social components of SEO. What do I mean Simply put, getting the “popularity’ votes from others in social settings not only wins favor with Google but also the trust of the people. I’ve used for over a year and it’s been a solid resource to help build trust (authority) with both Google and the general population.

Once I’ve built trust and some quality social back links as my foundation, I like to deliver value through content (both video and email). I’ve used Aweber for years and highly recommend them for this purpose. While I continue to use many tools (both free and paid) to build my own SEO rankings as well as my clients, I’ve found the single most powerful thing is to start with social platform,s like Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus, LinkedIN, and then to leverage other powerful modalities such as citations and social book marks.