Our Proprietary Process

Reputation Management SoftwareWe take your reputation seriously, because we understand the damage a tarnished online reputation can do to you and your bottom line. Regaining control over your brand, product or service is absolutely attainable, but not instantaneous.

Our unique reputation management process begins with a complete online analysis and assessment and a corresponding report back to you. Understanding current online customer sentiment is paramount to implementing a strategic and well thought out solution that will allow you to take back control over the negative situation.

Once we understand the extent of the problem, we begin creating a series of online assets designed to suppress the negative posts and rank in their place. By creating enough digital assets and then back linking to those properties in a specific way, we are able to ‘overcome the evil with the good’. The reality is that this process is tried and true and works regardless of the niche.

Magnosi Web Marketing can help you overcome negative BBB listings, Rip-Off Reports, Scam.com, poor online reviews and more.

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