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If you are anything like so many attorneys out there, you have tried one lawyer SEO company after another, who have bought into lofty promises with little to show for it after months of work (other than multiple payments and wasted time), only to walk away disillusioned about SEO and wondering why the ‘other guys’ in town are at the top of Google, and your site is not.How many times have you heard a law firm SEO expert tell you how they can work near miracles on your Google rankings, but then fail to perform over and over again? If I am describing you and your firm, know that you are not alone. The good news is there is real hope (more on that later).

But before I share you why your site is not ranking at the top of Google and why most ‘experts’ out there aren’t living up to their promises, I think you need to ask yourself a more fundamental question – “how do I know the difference between a true expert (who delivers consistent results for their clients), from a sheister’?

It’s a fair question that needs to be answered before you ever invest another dollar on SEO for your law firm (or if you have never done search engine optimization for your site, that’s even better because this information will save you much wasted time, effort and money).

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Lawyer SEO Company’s Should Lead With Results

First, let’s set some proper expectations. Every attorney SEO company worth their salt should lead with results, after all what else matters? I say that tongue in cheek because results without integrity aren’t worth much in the long run, but I think we both know that is obvious.

I have always encouraged every prospective client who has reached out to me over the years to consider looking at the results that the agency they want to hire have created both for themselves, and for their clients.

This doesn’t seem too difficult of a concept, but for some reason many lawyers I have spoken with have chosen to ignore good common sense in this area and have bought into really smooth sales pitches instead. So would you rather hear about potential, or see it demonstrated? I trust that that is a rhetorical question.

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A Recent Attorney SEO Company Horror Story…

I’ll share a story to illustrate my point. About two weeks ago, an owner of a prestigious multi-office law practice in Indiana contacted telling me how frustrated he was after hiring not one, not two, but three SEO’s and having no meaningful results to show for it over approximately an eighteen-month period.

On top of that, the last of the three SEO’s cost him another $75,000 and six more months of frustration! That never needed to happen, but because in his own words “I fell for a slick sales pitch”, he put his firm really behind on a lot of fronts. If he had looked at past and present results for each company had chosen to hire, in all likelihood he would have only chosen one of those companies (assuming they weren’t results-impotent like the others) and stuck with them.

Ask to see some results for some of the search terms of the firm you want to hire. You’ll want to take a look at some of their results as well as some client campaign results too. You might even want to speak with a client or two of theirs and get their feedback.

Don’t Trust Complex, Ever-Changing Law Firm SEO To A Rookie

The truth is SEO is complex, challenging, time consuming, ever changing and down right frustrating at times even the most seasoned lawyer SEO agency.

The last thing you want is to have the firm you’ve entrusted with your marketing dollars to partially or totally outsource their SEO offshore (no, I am not kidding – you’d be surprised at how many marketing firms actually send out most or all of their SEO work to offshore outfits with little real world experience of how proper SEO is done, all for $3 an hour).

Entrusting your SEO campaign to unknown offshore outfits (or anyone who is not highly experienced or personally managing your campaign each day) is frankly risky practice. You should look for your campaign to be completed in house by a team of seasoned SEO veterans who have been creating significant results for their clients for many years.

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Exclusively Works With Attorneys

While you don’t need to work with a company that exclusively works with attorneys necessarily, you should work with someone who understand how law firms and their practices operate, not just their vernacular.

The firm you work with should have years of experience successfully serving attorneys of all sizes and be able to effectively ‘get in the head’ of prospective clients, to maximize current and future traffic and conversions.

Beware Of Stock Law Firm Search Marketing Plans

We are not running a franchise here. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to methodical and intelligent (i.e. “results-getting”) SEO for Lawyers. I laugh sometimes when potential clients call me up and say “which package should I be on and where is that page on your website”.

On the contrary, to create top performance everything must be custom built. I liken our attorney search engine optimization services to a custom home builder. While there will be similarities across campaigns (i.e. every home has a foundation, windows, roof, electric etc), no two homes are the same beyond those intrinsic factors. Each and every SEO campaign that I build is unique. Some will need more of one thing and less of another, or perhaps a completely different building “material” if you will.

That’s the part of the secret sauce behind creating top SEO rankings – a uniquely powerful approach that is 100% custom tailored for YOUR website, not someone else’s.

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Unbeatable Law Firm Marketing Strategy

Now that I’ve covered some fundamental points to consider before hiring an SEO, let’s look at some of the elements of proper lawyer website search engine optimization. While I don’t have enough space or time to cover this thoroughly or exhaustively, I can cover the basics and show you what to watch out for.

I’ll do this by sharing some of the methodologies that we use for our clients because what we do works and works consistently (*disclaimer – SEO is an ever evolving concept and what works today may not necessarily work next month or next year so you need to keep that in mind as I expand on our in-house ranking strategies).

On Page Factors

At the very beginning of a campaign, I look to cover the basics and build a strong foundation. I’ll look to see if any SEO has ever been performed on a site and if so, are there any penalties/sandboxing or other negative effects imposed as a results of previous SEO work. If so, link detoxification will be required.

Assuming the initial link analysis is clean, I’ll then move onto things like:

  • Page titles, descriptions and keywords
  • Page load speed time
  • H tags, Alt tags, image tags
  • Internal linking structure
  • Outbound linking (if any)
  • Any plug in usage
  • Mobile optimization factors
  • Domain silo architecture
  • Internal page build out creation and assessment
  • Schema markup language

…And a hundred other geek speak factors that I will not bore you with you, but suffice it to say that there is plenty to do when first taking on a new campaign.

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Off Page Factors

Taking top rankings is not just about what you do on your site, but more to do with two other factors: Inbound linking strategies and competitiveness of the terms you want to rank for relative to the geographic radius you want to cover.

I like to start off a thorough competitive link and domain analysis which allows me to be far more tactical in terms of getting more done with less time and effort. It’s crucial that you know what your competitors are doing (and the quality, quantity and velocity of links built).

Beyond the competitive analysis, creating the quality and quantity of links is paramount to your results. Cheap directory submissions will only take you so far. I like to go quite a bit deeper down the proverbial SEO rabbit hole because most times, that’s what it takes to create top results.

I’ll do things such as:

  • Authority stacks
  • TAS stacks
  • Entity stacking
  • Custom built content syndication networks
  • High profile link building at sites such as Forbes, Huffington Post, Inc. etc.
  • .EDU link building campaigns
  • 08 Methodology
  • Para site build out synchronization
  • and more SEO ‘geekery’ which you probably don’t care to hear about

The list only gets bigger the further you go into SEO and/or the more results needed to take over top positions on Google search. It also only continues to become more complex the more competitive your terms are relative to the geographic radius you want to cover. That simply means, the further out you want to get rankings, the harder it gets. That’s why national rankings take longer and are much more expensive to create – there’s simply so much more competition and more work to be done to create those rankings.

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Premier Lawyer SEO Marketing Company – Magnosi Web Marketing

Partner with us and put the Magnosi Web difference to work for you and your law firm. To recap, I created this agency to be unique in three specific areas:

  • Lead with Results – what else matters?
  • Completely Transparent – We like our clients to know what we are building for them
  • Experience – Put nearly a decade of success to work for you. We never put rookies on your campaigns or outsource our work to other companies – Guaranteed.
  • Unparalleled Service – Next to our results, our hallmark is prompt, premium communication and service. Our clients LOVE our fast, responsive, intelligent support. We think you will too

Attorney Marketing That Works For You

By now, you have invested a few minutes to learn more about how to create Page #1 SEO results for your law firm and hopefully have learned at least some of the elements needed to create the perfect storm for your lawfirm SEO.

If you are struggling to get truly compelling, top results for your website and need real tangible results worth paying for, I invite you to schedule a free consultation with me.

I promise you it will be a truly eye opening experience that will enable you to walk away knowing EXACTLY what you need to do to finally be positioned at the top of Google search.

Put the frustration behind you and create the results you deserve. Contact us here or call 1(888)793-0388