Search Optimization For Law Firms

badgeJeff Lerner
“Magnosi Web Marketing are simply aces when it comes to getting results with Internet Marketing. I have seen them accomplish amazing feats, literally quadrupling traffic to a website by restructuring campaigns without increasing budgets.”

free consultationOne of the most fundamental aspects of each campaign we build has its core in SEO. While there are a lot of reasons for that, let’s go over a few key benefits to ranking high in the organic search results on Google:

Trust & Credibility

Page one results are naturally considered more trustworthy with searchers. When your potential audience is searching online, oftentimes they are nervous about hiring an attorney. Their perception is one of expense, potential loss and risk to them.

When your website is at the top of the organic results, there is an intuitive sense of trust because most people know that those listings come because the business must be doing something right, or better than the next firm who is on page #2.

Traffic and Conversions

When trust is established, it yields to credibility and more conversions. Since conversions are an integral component of online growth, building an ever increasing organic reach is essential on a lot of levels.

Higher ROI & Brand Awareness

As traffic and conversions increase, so does your ROI. As you build more and more exposure to the right audience, you create a greater sense of brand awareness to your market.