Historical Information:

The O’Brien firm came to us after two previously unsuccessful attempts with other marketing agencies (the first attempt with a much larger budget with a well-known lawyer specific marketing agency and the second attempt with a prominent national marketing agency).Desired Primary Outcome – New Local Personal Injury Cases: Attain above the fold exposure for their most profitable personal injury keywords in and around the Buffalo and Western NY region, and to bring in new personal injury casework in the following categories:  personal injury (broad), car accident, and tractor-trailer.

Desired Secondary Outcome – New Viagra Lawsuit Cases: Bring in new cases from men taking Viagra on a nationwide basis.

Primary Campaign Overview – New Personal Injury Cases:

The O’Brien Firm wanted to have a presence in the organic search and started the campaign off exclusively focusing on search engine optimization (SEO) to bring in new cases. The firm had never achieved page #1 rankings before so that priority #1.

Primary Campaign Metrics:

The firm was advised it would take approximately six months to achieve page #1 rankings for their primary keywords, however that was attained by month five. They understood that positioning their website high atop page #1 was the key to increased lead flow and new case generation.

We created 51 #1 rankings for them. A partial list includes:

From year #1 to year #2, they saw a 41% increase in form fills alone in just one of their campaigns (another campaign produced 74 additional leads and subsequently 21 additional cases in 20 weeks):

The organic 50+ #1 rankings (and over 100 page #1 rankings) were responsible for increased lead flow (form fills and phone calls) and new personal injury cases.

Campaign Growth:

Seeing considerable organic ranking progress and being positioned above the fold for their prefered search terms, O’Brien decide to grow the campaign and add Google Pay Per Click (PPC) to the mix. Twelve months later, we have seen substantial campaign progress with lead flow increasing 41% over strictly organic rankings.

According firm owner Chris O’Brien, 2017 brought in an additional 27 new cases, creating a
6X ROI for every dollar invested in digital marketing with Magnosi Web Marketing.

Secondary Campaign Overview – Viagra Cases:

The campaign we created for the O’Brien firm was to reach men who had taken Sildenafil, otherwise known as ‘Viagra’ which has shown a correlation between its use and a marked rise in melanoma.

We launched a strategic digital marketing plan to reach past and present users of Viagra despite the extreme limitations placed by Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook on any drug in the erectile dysfunction (ED) class, as they are considered to be in the ‘adult’ category.

After several rounds of ad and campaign denials with Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook, we were able to pass their manual approval process, and we launched limited yet successful marketing opportunities via Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook’s respective Pay Per Click (PPC) platforms.

Viagra Campaign Metrics:

Due to severe marketing limitations imposed by Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook on the PPC lead flow was limited and lead costs were higher than expected.

In a 20-week period, we received a total of 74 unique highly targeted leads (34 form fill leads and 40 unique calls tracked and recorded) which resulted in 21 new cases for them. According to firm owner Chris O’Brien, the expected ROI on the Viagra campaign is 8X.


Magnosi Web Marketing brought more rankings, more leads and more cases for The O’Brien Firm in Buffalo, NY creating an ROI between 6X-8X across 2 campaigns in the last 24 months.

The O’Brien Firm’s Feedback:

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