Chiropractor Syracuse

While it’s not often that we make personal recommendations, this post is all about just that – sharing a personal experience for the benefit of others who may be in a similar situation that I was not too long ago.

I am including my video testimonial for him as well because sometimes people would rather watch than read. Click the video below to play it:

As you can imagine, I was a workaholic sitting at my desk for too many hours a day and began hurting in my knees and back more and more. So much so that at just about 40 years of age, I said to myself ‘what am I doing wrong here? How can I be hurting doing nothing!?’

That started my search for a premier Syracuse chiropractor in upstate NY. I knew that I didn’t want just anyone working on me, rather I wanted someone who knew Active Release Technique as well as traditional chiropractic procedures. That led me to a Liverpool New York chiropractor who not only knew Active release Technique (ART) , but also Applied Kinesiology and understood the fundamentals of diet and nutrition from an athletes perspective. That led me to Dr. Chris Montanaro, one of the most positive, authentic doctors of chiropractic I’ve ever met (not to mention one of the most skilled too).

To make a long story short, I got into his monthly partner program that allowed me to be seen once a week (and sometimes more) for one price each month. By doing that I got the experienced help that I needed at a price that was reasonable relative to the treatment I received. After just a few treatments and a comprehensive evaluation, I started immediately feeling better.

Within 1 week I was climbing nearly 2000 feet of vertical in about 75 minutes, which for me was amazing to say the least. After nearly two years of ongoing work, I have done a half a dozen or so sprint level triathlons, and am competing in my first Olympic distance triathlon in a month. I am preparing to do my first half Ironman, this coming June which is Ironman Syracuse 70.3 which is: 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike followed by a half marathon of 13.1 miles.

All I can say is that I am most grateful to Dr. Chris and his brilliance when it comes to chiropractic, ART and Kinesiology. I trust that this post will encourage someone locally to give him a call and go see him – I believe it would be one of the most beneficial things you could ever do for your health.