Case Study For A New York State Ad Agency Client

Historical Information:

Prior to the campaign, the Agency’s client (who requested to remain anonymous), a State Government program recently launched a new website to better serve the public. Initial web traffic was averaging between 200-1200 visitors per month through a variety of efforts. The agency had previously hired another local marketing agency for the initial launch that was not meeting their expectations in terms of results, timely reports, prompt replies, and thorough responses to their questions.

When we met with the Agency, they expressed their need for a partner that could not only deliver results but be a resource for continued growth. With a track record of strong campaign performance, reporting and very prompt replies, Magnosi Web Marketing was keen to take on the campaign and demonstrate its digital marketing prowess.

Desired Primary Outcome – Increased Participation in the State Program

Primary Campaign Overview

We decided to begin with a two-pronged approach as budget allowed initially and then segued into a three-pronged approach later into the campaign adding in Facebook Paid Ads. We began utilizing an aggressive Google Adwords (PPC) campaign and organic SEO strategy to maximize active search conversions from the desired audience.

Primary Campaign Metrics:

We advised the agency that it would take 4-6 months to see a bump in organic traffic while we expected Google Paid ads to be more optimized in closer to 3 months time.

We created 45 page one rankings for the state program, including 17 top 5. A partial list includes:



Overall the campaign has been a huge success for the Agency’s client based on new participant acquisition. Also according to the Agency, Magnosi Web has been an integral partner in helping create success through our results based campaigns, prompt, thorough reporting and a deeper level of interactivity than the Agency anticipated.

Next Step

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